Heritage House at Heritage Estate (2018)

Heritage House, currently being renovated and restored, will house the common facilities available to all residents.

The PGP sale office moved into Heritage House at the beginning of October 2018 – and is operational with Andre Van Zyl (072 160 4443) in attendance. We can also be contacted on invest@heritage-estate.co.za for any queries.

The Health Hub and observation room with Matron Devanna and Trucare Age Well Solutions will open mid-December 2018.  The Hub will be open weekdays from 8 – 5 and will offer services of various specialists and consultants.  All residents are equipped with a panic button that connects with Security and the Health Hub who will respond and contact emergency services should they be required. Assisted living services offered by Trucare will be expanded with the added services of laundry and cleaning should residents require.

Reef Caterers, currently operating the Pavilion-Coffee Shop (operational since mid-August 2018) and catering for home meal deliveries, will be running the Bar (opening December 2018) and the Dining Hall (early 2019). The activity rooms including billiards and card rooms (December 2018) as well as library and business center will open next year along with some exciting and interesting new facilities!

Famous residents at Heritage House

Heritage House had a few of famous residents, including Jean Weltz and Venerable Edel Quinn.

Jean (Johan Max Frederick) Welz was awarded a Medal of Honour for painting by the ‘Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns.’ A retrospective of his work opened in August 1970 at the South African National Gallery.

Venerable Edel Quinn was a catholic missionary to Central Africa who Pope John Paul declared Venerable.

Read more about them here.

Jean Welz

Edel Quinn

The History of Heritage Estate

During 1908 to 1910, discussions took place between representatives of the Transvaal Government and the Transvaal Chamber of Mines, and an Association called the Transvaal Miners Phthisis (TB) Association was formed to treat miners with respiratory ailments. The Government donated a piece of land of approximately 20 acres with buildings, in Springkell near the Modderfontein Dynamite Factory.  The Chamber of Mines then erected a sanatorium to deal generally patients suffering from TB. The Certificate of Incorporation was signed by the Colonial Secretary of the time – JC Smuts who later became Prime minister of South Africa

Springkell Sanatorium (Heritage House) was opened in 1911. At the time, there was no medication for the TB, and patients were kept in isolation.  They were however also encouraged to do gardening, bricklaying, poultry farming, painting and carpentry. A billiard room, bowling green were added and The Pavilion – a concert hall, in 1925.

In July 1980, Springkell was transferred to the Chamber of mines as a rehabilitation center and then sold to Educor to be developed as an educational facility and parts of the movie “Hotel Rwanda” were filmed on location in 2004.

The focus of Heritage Estate is Heritage House and The Oval with the Pavilion.  The developers are committed to restoring and refurbishing the house and surrounding heritage buildings to their original glory, guided by the Heritage Association, and has aimed to convey the history of the buildings to all new buildings in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

The Provincial Heritage Resources Authority Gauteng (PHRAG) is responsible for the identification, conservation and management of heritage resources throughout the province. If an owner or developer plans to alter or demolish an identified heritage resource or structure older than 60 years, they will need to apply to the PHRAG for a permit.