Heritage Estate is a mature lifestyle estate for over 50’s

looking to spend their golden years in a serene setting with lots of old-world charm.

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All the units in Heritage Estate are sectional title with no transfer duty, making it an ideal long term investment with capital growth and returns when rented out.

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About Heritage Estate

Heritage Estate: Serene Charm, Safety, Care

About Heritage Estate

Heritage Estate: Serene Charm, Safety, Care

The wonderful aspect of aging,” noted renowned American author Madeleine L’Engle, “is that you carry with you all the different phases of your life.” And for those of us in our 50s who appreciate this sentiment, we truly grasp the underlying philosophy of Heritage Estate.

It’s not just a tranquil haven for peacefully embracing your later years; it’s an enchanting environment that effortlessly enables you to remain connected to all the aspects of life you’ve cherished thus far, both in terms of your career and your leisure pursuits, which you’ve chosen to preserve.

Heritage Estate

Expert care, compassion, and comfort for residents in their own homes.

Heritage Mature Lifestyle Estate offers an idyllic haven for those aged 50 and above. This community provides all the comforts and amenities needed for a fulfilling life. Nestled in serene surroundings, the estate allows residents to escape the outside world.

It boasts timeless natural and historical heritage, including a meticulously restored century-old architectural gem that meets modern needs. Plus, it’s pet-friendly, ensuring a well-rounded lifestyle for all.

Ageless Environment

Tranquil Living

Escape from Reality

Pet-Friendly Community

Modern Amenities Included

Natural & Historical Beauty

Heritage Estate Community

A Thriving Community for a Vibrant Retirement

Heritage Estate is cherished by its residents for its strong sense of community and vibrant social life. Sandra praises the security, camaraderie, and diverse activities available, while Anne highlights the joy of gaining an extended family.

For Sheila and Geoff, the estate’s strategic location and the energetic, caring residents make it an exceptional place to call home, ensuring a fulfilling and connected lifestyle.

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