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Heritage Estate is a Sectional Title Mature Lifestyle Estate aimed at the over 50’s looking for lifestyle benefits and modern living in tranquil surrounds. The Estate offers home based, assisted living in an elegant village, purpose built to accommodate residents in their independent homes.

The Estate comprises 126 sectional title units and the magnificent Heritage House.
The units are configured as follows:
The Firs: 28 homes ranging from 128m² to 155m²
The Oaks: 32 apartments (Phase 1), 32 apartments (Phase 2) +34 apartment units (Phase 3) ranging from 65m² (1 bed,1 bath) to 103m² (3 bed, 2 bath) and 2 penthouse units.

There are garages attached to the simplex units and carports for the apartments. (Penthouse units have a double garage)

Social activities are an important part of retirement lifestyle and the Estate will feature a luxury clubhouse in the 1910 Heritage House, available exclusively to residents with the 1910 Lounge, The Linton Restaurant, home theater, business center, library, wellness hub, observation room, pool/dart room, activity and card room.  A shuttle shopping service will also be provided for residents to visit neighbouring shopping centers.

Visitors are welcome and can stay with the resident or in the studios that will be provided for in Heritage House.
No provision has been made for live-in domestics or nurses / caregivers.
Individual gardens can be fenced in according to the Body Corporate approved fencing types.
The Body Corporate will be responsible for the general gardening and mowing, though residents are encouraged to do their own gardening and make use of the landscapers’ ideas and guidelines regarding indigenous plants that will blend in and enhance the existing areas and The Oval.
All building exteriors, street frontage and common areas will be maintained by the Body Corporate.
Residents and owners are fully responsible for the maintenance, and wear and tear of their units.
A list of preferred contractors will be given to residents should they require any repairs or maintenance within their units that will also be for their own account.
There are 4 basic designs of units in the Firs and any changes, structural or otherwise, must fall within the architectural design and rules of the Body Corporate. The changes will be charged for accordingly.
There are a range of different internal specifications and finishes that can be chosen and must all fall within the architectural style and Heritage conformity of the Estate.
Any further or external modifications apart from the original specifications must be sanctioned by the Body Corporate.
The Heritage Estate Body Corporate was formed on the 21st of December 2016, the date the first 60 sectional title units were transferred and a managing agent is appointed for the Estate.
The Inaugural General Meeting was held on the 21st of February 2018.  A managing agent will run the daily affairs and administration function of the Body Corporate, and refer a panel of recommended contractors for any repairs and maintenance that may be required on a residence. The Body Corporate is responsible for the maintenance of the exterior of the unit.
The Body Corporate will cover all buildings based on an independent valuation and the residents will be responsible for insuring their personal contents.
A monthly levy is payable covering:

Basic garden services for the individual units
Maintenance of the common areas, gardens and the Oval
Maintenance of the exterior of home and communal facilities

24 hour security and guard house with CCTV, electric fencing, patrols and intercom system

Assisted living service and on-site Matron
Medical and emergency panic button system connected to the central control center

Water and electricity used in common areas
Road maintenance
Maintenance of clubhouse and leisure facilities
General management of the Homeowner Association
Salaried employees

A full breakdown can be requested from the sales agent.

Levies average around 2% of the sale price annually and are determined by the unit size.
The unit size is by taking the living area, covered patio and garage into account.
Municipal rates and taxes are billed separately from the levy and are the responsibility of the sectional title unit owner.
All services are municipal and pre-paid water and electricity meters will be installed.

A levy stabilisation fund (of which 3.5% of any re-sale in the Estate) is created to build up sufficient cash flow for the Body Corporate to be able to cover monthly and capital expenses as required of them to set up all necessary accounts and services as needed for the full functioning of the Estate.

A Levy Stabilisation Fund is established from the onset to keep levies low over time and to ensure that any annual levy increases are kept within the bounds of the inflation rate. It allows the Home Owners Association to build up a fund to cover any major expenses that may be incurred, reducing the need for special levies.
A contribution of 3.5% of any first sale or re-sale is allocated towards the Fund
The Estate costs are shared between the developer and the Homeowners Association prior to re-sales and development of the Levy Stabilisation fund, on a pro-rata basis until such time as the Estate is fully developed and sold out.
The Oval in front of Heritage House, is the communal garden and meeting place and will be maintained and cared for by the Body Corporate.
The Estate landscapers have compiled an indigenous plant range and variety that will blend in with the existing Heritage trees and indigenous surrounds of the Estate to enhance the fauna and flora of the area.  Individual gardens will be given an indication of which plants may be planted within the Estate in fitting with the overall landscape design and Heritage plants.
Heritage Estate will be serviced by TruCare Age Well Solutions – an assisted-living care provider, who follow an advanced health care system that allows for wellness advice, home care and a nurses station.

Primary health services and dietary consultations will be available to residents, as well as 24 hour care as required.  TruCare can also offer full assisted care services in the home, cleaning, laundry and companion care that would be billed separately to the individual.

The wellness hub will cover primary health services ie: monitoring vital signs, blood samples, monthly glucose / urine testing and yearly cholesterol checkups as well as general health advice, home visits and early detection of health related problems.  All residents will receive a panic button system to call on assistance for any emergency.

HERITAGE ESTATE comprising Heritage House, The Firs and The Oaks, will have a boundary wall with electric fencing and CCTV. A central operating room will monitor the Estate with full time access control, regular patrols and CCTV monitoring. Emergency, security and primary healthcare response services will be linked via panic button in case of emergencies.
The developers are CAPSTONE 237 Pty Ltd (registration number 2015/302955/07) and the main contractor is Norym Properties Pty Ltd (registration number 2015/160425/07)
The developers are funding the Estate in their personal capacity.
Pets are allowed in the Estate and are permitted as per the Homeowners Association approval.

No individual swimming pools are allowed in The Firs.

There is no provision made for live in domestics, though cleaning services can be arranged by TruCare at a small fee.

Catering and food services will be provided for by Reef Caterers, with an on site Chef and Operations Manager.

A finishing schedule will be part of the building contract and will be signed prior to the commencement of building
The house design may only be changed with approval of the developer and must remain within the architectural standards of the Estate
The Estate has been approved and registered by all major banks and bonds will be offered to all approved clients
Residents have to be over 50 years old though anyone may purchase a unit in the Estate.
Units can also be tenanted with the proviso that the tenant is over 50 years of age.
Life Rights allow a purchaser, the “Right” to the enjoyment of a unit along with the facilities offered for the duration of their natural life. Thereafter, the unit is sold at a nominal value back to the developer, who likely resells the unit on to a new “Life Right” owner, at market related pricing with the same terms and conditions.
Many Life Right schemes do not offer long term investment value to the purchaser and should they decide to relinquish the Life Right before they pass away or are forced to move, there is inevitably material loss of value in the investment.
Sectional title developments allow homes to be sold to a willing buyer at any time in the future, at market related prices.
Owners or investors, of any age, in the development can rent their investments out to suitable tenants (over 50’s) at market related rental. Or they can sell their sectional title unit at any time at market related prices.
The property can also be bonded to a bank or financial institution whereas Life Rights properties may not.
Sectional Title ownership – where a number of homes are situated on a defined parcel of land – is currently one of South Africa’s favourite ways to own property.
It is cost effective in that all stakeholders share in the constant upkeep of the Scheme.
This is done via appropriate Levies, administered by representative trustees, appointed by a Body Corporate made up of Home Owners and the managing agent. The levies ensure the long term sustainability and value of sectional title investments.
The Sectional Titles Act ensure that all responsible parties are accountable for their actions and are obliged, at all times, to operate in the best interests of the development.
The homes at Heritage Estate can be bought as investments for the future and can either earn rental income, be sold or be bequeathed. It is an ideal long term investment opportunity.
Modderfontein is a prime location as the central point between Midrand, Sandton and Ekhuruleni city precincts.

Close to OR Tambo International Airport and major highways – the N1 (North) to Pretoria and N1 (South) to Germiston, the Estate is also very central to shopping centers (Greenstone, Stoneridge and Flamingo Centers), Eastgate and Bedfordview Centers, Edenvale, Bedfordview and the Sandton CBD.

The Estate encapsulates a new concept in Mature Lifestyle living featuring modern lock-up and go Sectional Title residences, in peaceful gardens, ideal for the mature person looking to travel or spend quiet time in secure, elegant surrounds with the benefit of social activities and assisted home care should the need arise.

A mix of the old and the new – Heritage House and the smaller Heritage buildings will be refurbished and restored under the guidance of PHRAG and the surrounding units’ architecture will reflect a modern version of a bygone era.

Good taste is timeless.

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